Lora Tchekoratova Leads a Brilliant Trio In Midtown

On one hand, it’s tempting to keep quiet about the frequent free concerts at the Bulgarian Consulate. Like a favorite restaurant, they seem popular in the neighborhood and with an expat crowd, but otherwise it’s a real surprise that a wider audience hasn’t caught on yet, especially considering how many brilliant performers play there – people who deserve to be far better known as well. ...

 A Stellar Concert At The Bulgarian Consulate

“Despite all the cuts in funding to the arts over the past couple of years, there are still innumerable vital neighborhood concert series hidden away in unexpected places throughout New York, and we have not come close to discovering all of them. One recent rediscovery is the exciting chamber music series at the Bulgarian Consulate on the upper east. Last night Trio+ played an unselfconsciously inspired program that blended the comfortably familiar with some unexpected treats. ...”